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This information center is the ideal place to keep up-to-date with key industry news. We will be posting exclusive press releases, white papers and articles about the event and the wider steel industry. Make sure you bookmark this page and refer back regularly to ensure you do not miss out on invaluable content.

Steel industry CEO perspectives, forecasts, and decarbonisation

Key takeaways from the SMU Steel Summit 2021
8 September 2021
Dave Thewlis, Analyst, CRU

Steel and the Green Energy Transition
31 August 2021
Matthew Watkins, Principal Analyst, CRU

China set to reduce steel output in 2021 H2
5 August 2021
Richard Lu, Senior Analyst and ZhenZhen Jiang, Analyst, CRU

Decarbonisation challenges in the steelmaking industry
20 July 2021
Paul Butterworth, Research Manager and Madhura Shirodkar, Research Analyst, CRU

Challenges ahead for the steel industry to achieve carbon neutrality
14 July 2021
Yusu Mao, Research Analyst, CRU

Chinese real estate: the short and the long
25 June 2021
Henry Hao, Senior China Economist and Alex Tuckett, Principal Economist, CRU

Steel decarbonisation scenario analysis
Matthew Poole, Divisional Director, Head of Steel and Raw Materials and APAC and Sarah Macnaughton, Principal analyst, CRU Sustainability

EU Carbon border adjustment impact assessment
Ben Jones, Managing Consultant and Sarah Macnaughton, Principal analyst, CRU Sustainability

China’s 2060 carbon neutral goal: What the metals industry can expect from emissions policies
12 May 2021
Wan Ling, Head of Asia, Aluminum Assistant Chief Representative CRU China
Ashley Wang, Senior Consultant, CRU
Kevin Bai, Analyst, CRU
Tianyu He, Analyst, CRU
Jumana Saleheen, Chief Economist and Head of Sustainability, CRU

CRU explains: How Tangshan influences the global steel market
6 May 2021
Nikki Ni, Analyst and Erik Hedborg, Principal Analyst, CRU

Record prices further enhance adoption of CME Group’s HRC steel futures contract
21 April 2021
Josh Spoores, Principal Analyst, CRU

CRU explains: How our data services can help in M&A
28 March 2021
AUTHORS: Paul Butterworth, Head of Steel Analysis; Shankhadeep  Mukherjee, Senior Analyst - CRU Group

US BFs positioned to supply domestic pig iron
26 March 2021
AUTHORS: Ryan Smith, Senior Analyst; Ryan McKinley, Senior Analyst - CRU

HR coil steel price cycle: Anatomy of a record price rise and implications for the future
25 March 2021
AUTHOR: Josh Spoores, Principal Analyst, CRU

Brexit trade deal: a moving precipice
16 December 2020
AUTHOR: Alex Tuckett, Principal Economist, CRU

Latest evolutions in the European safeguards and its impact on the steel industry
02 July 2020
AUTHOR: Chris Bandmann, Analyst, CRU

How Russian steelmakers could capitalise in a post Covid-19 world
07 July 2020
AUTHORS: Irina Melkonyan, Analyst; Iris Speelmanns, Analyst; Chris Bandmann, Analyst - CRU

Latest evolutions in the European safeguards and its impact on the steel industry
02 July 2020
AUTHORS: Chris Bandmann, Analyst; Alexander Ordosch, Analyst - CRU

When should idled steel capacity be restarted?
30 June 2020
AUTHORS: Amir Sabet, Senior Consultant; Josefa Carrere, Senior Consultant - CRU

Watch: New York Steel Briefing - Managing Through Volatile Markets
23 June 2020
SPEAKERS: Chris Houlden, Head of Steel; Josh Spoores, Principal Analyst; Ryan McKinley, Senior Analyst; Anissa Chabib, Economist - all of CRU

EU Steel: Why carbon matters more with Covid-19
13 May 2020
AUTHORS: Ben Jones, Managing Consultant; Sarah Macnaughton, Principal Consultant; Lewis Pegrum, Research Analyst - CRU

V, U and L: Demystifying recession shapes
07 May 2020
AUTHOR: Jumana Saleheen, Chief Economist, CRU

CRU Webinar: Focusing on steel, aluminium, and fertilizers
How is the lock down affecting the Indian fertilizers and metals industry. Watch our latest webinar.
29 April 2020
Anissa Chabib, Economist, CRU
Koyel  Choudhury, Fertilizer Analyst, CRU
Puneet Paliwal, Senior Analyst, CRU
Shankhadeep Mukherjee, Senior Analyst, CRU

HDG futures: a game-changing tool for steel mills, service centres and end users
27 April 2020
AUTHOR: Josh Spoores, Principal Analyst, CRU

China’s first ever negative quarterly GDP growth
AUTHOR: Yingrui Wang, Economist, CRU
20 April 2020

WEBINAR: SMU Community Chat webinar
Featuring Philip Raimondo, President & CEO of Behlen Manufacturing - 15 April 2020

WEBINAR: Global pandemic triggers global recession

Jumana Saleheen, Chief Economist, CRU - 02 April 2020
Josh Spoores, Principal Analyst, CRU
Doug Hilderhoff, Principal Analyst, CRU

The immense decarbonisation challenge facing the steel industry

Ryan Smith, Senior Analyst, CRU Group - 11 March 2020
Sarah Macnaughton, Principal Consultant, CRU Group

WEBINAR: How Covid-19 is affecting CRU's economic outlook for 2020
06 March 2020
Jumana Saleheen, Chief Economist, CRU 
Matthew Watkins, Principal Analyst, CRU
Wan Ling, Principal Consultant, Aluminium, CRU

Coronavirus: Impact on global steel and raw materials markets
04 March 2020
Erik Hedborg, Senior Analyst, CRU - 
Irina Melkonyan, Analyst, CRU
Manjot Singh, Senior Analyst, CRU

CRU's US Midwest HRC price

06 February 2020
Chris Houlden, Research Manager, CRU
Josh Spoores, Principal Analyst, CRU

Impact of the Wuhan coronavirus on the steel industry

31 January 2020
James Campbell, Principal Analyst, CRU

How the coronavirus affects global commodity markets
31 January 2020
Will Young, Multi Commodity Analyst, CRU
Zanna Aleksahhina, Multi-Commodity Analyst, CRU
Erik Hedborg, Senior Analyst, CRU