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Wilfley has now been providing heavy duty centrifugal pumps throughout the world for over 100 years.  Our rugged, industrial grade pumps are a superior alternative to pumps with conventional sealing systems like mechanical and compression packing, which greatly reduces downtime and lifetime cost. 

Wilfley Waterless Sealing Technology is the premier sealing solution for the toughest pumping applications across the globe.Waterless Sealing Technology is the premier sealing 

ANDRITZ Separation

ANDRITZ Separation provides mechanical and thermal technologies as well as services and the related automation solutions for solid/liquid separation. The customized, innovative solutions focus on minimizing the use of resources and achieving highest process efficiency, thus making a substantial contribution towards sustainable environmental protection.
The well-proven ANDRITZ tilting pan filters together with the newly added Ucego® vacuum table filter technology are the perfect solutions for the filtration of Phosphoric Acid processes. When complimented by ANDRITZ’s new Metris addIQ ACE technology, these filters offer unsurpassed performance in phosphoric acid production and extraction recovery. ANDRITZ also offers different centrifugal, filtration and drying technologies for the fertilizer industry.
Link to: https://www.andritz.com/separation-en/industries/chemicals


The Arkema group was created in 2004 and through innovation, targeted acquisitions and investments in emerging countries, it has become a recognized world player in the field of specialty chemicals. Building on its unique set of expertise in materials science, Arkema designs materials to address the ever-growing demand for innovative and sustainable materials, driven by the challenges of new energies, new technologies, the depletion of resources, mobility, and increasing urbanization. Arkema’s crop nutrition solutions include dust control, anti-caking and moisture-resistant coatings, micronutrient binders, and more.


ASOS one of the leading Process Engineering and Manufacturing companies around the world for Chemical and Fertilizer Plants. ASOS has many kinds of process technologies such as Neutralization, Granulation, Evaporation, Crystallization, Drying and Cooling Processes. ASOS provides Turn-Key process solutions including Laboratory and Pilot Tests, Basic and Details Engineering, Equipment Design and Fabrications, Process Automations, Start-up and Commissioning Services.

BCInsight Ltd

Fertilizer International is the leading bi-monthly journal for the global fertilizer industry. Published for over 50 years it provides analysis of worldwide developments, as well as assessing the wider economic and political factors that impact on agricultural and fertilizer markets. Fertilizer International covers the entire industry, including technological innovations, with a special section dedicated to the phosphates and potash industries.


Bechtel is a trusted engineering, construction and project management partner to industry and government. Differentiated by the quality of our people and our relentless drive to deliver the most successful outcomes, we align our capabilities to our customers’ objectives to create a lasting positive impact. Since 1898, we have helped customers complete more than 25,000 projects in 160 countries on all seven continents that have created jobs, grown economies, improved the resiliency of the worlds infrastructure, increased access to energy, resources, and vital services, and made the world a safer, cleaner place.


Bedeschi, leader in bulk material handling for more than a century, has an outstanding experience and know how in the realization of turn-key solutions for fertilizers industry.
Thanks to the achievements of its R&D Department, particularly focused on green technologies, Bedeschi is able to design and state of art systems able to meet the highest environmental standards.

Begg Cousland Envirotec

Begg Cousland Envirotec specialise in Mist Elimination equipment for Sulphuric Acid & Fertiliser Plants. Demisters and Candle Filters remove acid mist, fumes or contaminants from process gas, and control stack emissions. Our innovative filter designs optimise performance and maintenance requirements. Our gas scrubbers include rotating brush technology and Cross-Flow BlueFil meshes.

Blair Rubber Company

Blair Rubber Company manufactures corrosion and abrasion resistant rubber linings for the chemical and mining industries. One of our largest and most successful markets pertains to the mining and processing of phosphates into fertilizers and its derivatives. We currently supply and are specified by some of the world’s largest phos acid producers such as Mosaic, Agrium, PCS, Wengfu, Innophos, and Fertinal to name a few.

Chemetics Inc.

Chemetics’ standard of excellence in the Sulphuric Acid Industry has been established on a world-wide basis for over 50 years. From its headquarters in Vancouver BC, and its fabrication facility in Pickering ON (both located in Canada), Chemetics® services clients in the non-ferrous metallurgical, fertilizer and chemical industries around the globe. 

Chemetics’ continued success depends on its focus on understanding client requirements and responding with solutions which meet their needs. Chemetics’ capabilities range from the performance of plant inspections, engineering services, fabrication and supply of proprietary equipment through to executing revamps of existing Sulphuric Acid Plants and undertaking turnkey projects for new plants. Chemetics is part of Worley and is one of the world’s largest and most diverse providers of technical, professional and construction services for the Energy, Chemicals and Resources sector.

De Smet AGRO

De Smet AGRO, a subsidiary of De Smet Engineers & Contractors, based in Brussels, provides engineering and project management services in the fertilizer industry. Our focus is on the technology of ammonium nitrate, phosphoric acid and granulation. We support clients worldwide from technical audits through to the full EPC implementation.

Derrick Corporation

Fertilizer producers have relied on Derrick’s fine screening technology for decades. From wet screening in saturated brine solutions to high temperature dry screening, Derrick screens are used in the potash, phosphate, and nitrate processing plants. With applications ranging from over 3 mm down to 38 µm, high efficiency size separations are beneficial in size reduction, flotation, and desliming circuits. Several options of robust machine designs are available to handle the harshest environments. High-capacity machines with minimal transmitted load reduce installation costs and minimize footprints. Derrick’s technology makes applications previously thought impossible, practical.


Duechting Pumps is a pump manufacturer with over 80 years of global experience in the field of advanced centrifugal pumps designed to achieve superior reliability and performance in corrosive and abrasive services. We specialize in engineered pump solutions and aftermarket repair capabilities through our unique SICcast material technology, an engineered matrix of silicon carbide particles and epoxy resin binder that simultaneously combines 100% corrosion resistance and diamond-like abrasion protection. SICcast provides optimized protection against erosion-corrosion wear in phosphate fertilizer production across a wide range of challenging applications including phosphoric acid slurry, gypsum slurry, phosphate rock slurry, and much more.

FEECO International, Inc.

FEECO International was founded in 1951 as an engineering and equipment manufacturer. We quickly became known as the material experts, able to solve all sorts of material processing and handling problems, and now serve nearly every industry, from energy and agriculture, to mining and minerals.

As experts in the field of granulation, FEECO has been providing feasibility testing, process and product design, and custom processing equipment for phosphate materials since the 1950s. From initial phosphate rock drying, to animal feed and fertilizer granulation, we offer unparalleled capabilities in phosphate processing.


FERRY CAPITAIN & CMD Gears are French companies specialized in design, manufacturing and installation of power transmission equipment for rotating equipment, we are part of Groupe CIF Companies ( FERRY CAPITAIN ,CMD, FAD , FCMD, ATELIERS ROCHE , AHD) with more the 120 years in this industry .

Our customers are Cement, Mining ( Phosphate , Fertilizers , Copper , Bauxite, Gold ) , Steel and Aluminum companies and OEMs for which we design and manufacture in our plants in France, and Germany :

• Girth gears up to 16 meters diameter
• Bored and integral pinion
• Gearboxes :
 Dryer & Granulator, Kiln
 Flotation cells
 Thickeners/Clarifiers
• Heavy duty mixers: Agitators
• Support rollers.
• Grids and toothed couplings\
• Services : Inspection Gearboxes, Girth Gears , Overhaul job , Girth Gear Reversal job, Vibration analysis , Reverse Engineering.


FERRY CAPITAIN & CMD Gears are French companies specialized in design, manufacturing and installation of power transmission equipment for rotating equipment, we are part of Groupe CIF Companies ( FERRY CAPITAIN ,CMD, FAD , FCMD, ATELIERS ROCHE , AHD) with more the 120 years in this industry .

Our customers are Cement, Mining ( Phosphate , Fertilizers , Copper , Bauxite, Gold ) , Steel and Aluminum companies and OEMs for which we design and manufacture in our plants in France, and Germany :

• Girth gears up to 16 meters diameter
• Bored and integral pinion
• Gearboxes :
 Dryer & Granulator, Kiln
 Flotation cells
 Thickeners/Clarifiers
• Heavy duty mixers: Agitators
• Support rollers.
• Grids and toothed couplings\
• Services : Inspection Gearboxes, Girth Gears , Overhaul job , Girth Gear Reversal job, Vibration analysis , Reverse Engineering.

Gambarotta Gschwendt

GAMBAROTTA GSCHWENDT, which is part of GAMBAROTTA GROUP, is a world leader in the design, construction and installation of equipment for the mechanical handling of solid materials, such as bucket elevators, conveyors and high-capacity feeders for any type of use, from the fertilizes, concrete and gypsum fields to those of metallurgy and mining.

Countless plants built around the world tell of a working philosophy that has always characterized GAMBAROTTA GSCHWENDT since 1919, the year of its establishment, updated continuously according to Kaizen techniques and expressed by the ability not only to meet any customer need, but often ahead of the times with innovative and technologically advanced projects, thanks to the synergies put in place internally, with partners and with major research centers throughout Europe.

Quality and reliability have always been the strength of GAMBAROTTA GSCHWENDT, attested by numerous certifications including ISO 9001, whose specifications were met by the Company even before they were officially set up, as well as EN1090, EN ISO 15609, ISO 9606 and ATEX standard.

Find out more: www.gambarotta.it/en

GEA Group

GEA is one of the largest supplier for process technology and components for sophisticated production processes. We offer a wide range of plant technologies, including evaporators, crystallizers, centrifugal separators, spray dryers and fluid beds for agglomeration/granulation, tailored to fit the requirements of the fertilizer and phosphates applications.

Graphite India Limited

Graphite India Limited (GIL) is in design, manufacturing of Graphite Heat & Mass transfer equipment and systems for corrosive applications in chemical plants since 4 decades with references of supply in 50 countries. Phosphoric Acid Evaporator is GIL’s key product with supply in Morocco, Saudi Arabia, India, Philippines, Europe, USA etc.

Graphite Technology

Coming Soon 


HASLER Group brings expertise and solutions in four businesses: dosing, agitation, filtration and processing. With over 120 years of History, HASLER Group has been supporting its customers with quality equipments and services from its portfolio of global brands.
• HASLER® with 200 weigh belt feeders sold in the phosphate beneficiation industry
• LUMPP® with over 200 mixers sold in the phosphoric acid industry
• FILTRES PHILIPPE®, more than 100 belt filters sold in the phosphoric acid industry and 76 still in production
• AOUSTIN® Table Filter for filtration. Since 1927 : 90 table filters sold in the phosphoric acid industry and actually 40 in production
Choose HASLER Group to ensure the durability of your equipment and your process:
• A study that optimizes performance, functionality, reliability and economy,
• A controlled French production,
• Filters components coming from well-known manufacturers,
• On-site interventions, assembly, inspection, commissioning assistance and maintenance,
• Trained and mobile technicians around the world,
• An after-sale service and a spare parts service,
• ISO 9001 quality management.


Our organization is passionately committed to the pursuit of a better world through positive change. We embrace your visions as our own and partner with you to develop better ideas that are smarter, more efficient, and innovative. Our global network of 9,000 professionals work on the world’s toughest challenges. Our experience spans over 150 countries around the world in the metals, energy, infrastructure, digital, and investments market sectors.

We are employee-owned and independent—free to bring our best thinking to your business. Our exceptional, diverse teams combine vast engineering and business knowledge, working in partnership with our clients to develop market strategies, manage and optimize production, develop new game-changing technologies, and design and deliver complex capital projects.

We work closely with the communities in which we serve to ensure that our solutions optimize environmental protection, economic prosperity, social justice, and cultural vibrancy. We want their businesses, ecosystems, and communities to thrive, both now and into the future.

Our people are passionate about our corporate purpose and values. We believe in long-term relationships with our partners, and are committed to our clients’ lasting success. We are “entrepreneurs with a technical soul.”


Haver & Boecker Niagara is a leader in screening and pelletizing. Our mission is to deliver the best of these technologies to customers in the mining, minerals, aggregates, cement, construction materials, fertilizers, salt and recycling industries. With deep roots and years of experience in these industries, we use innovative and shared technologies to effectively meet the needs of customers around the world.


Ingetecsa supplies dryers, coolers, gas and solids handling equipment for the chemical, food and mining industries. We have wide experience reacting, granulating, drying and cooling feed phosphates - MCP, DCP, STPP – and phosphate based fertilizers. Typical applications of our equipment: - Reacting and granulating with our Mixer/Granulator - Drying using Ingetecsa's Flash, Spiral Flash or Rotary Drum Dryer - Cooling in Drum, Fluidized Bed, Flash…

ITT Rheinhütte Pumpen GmbH

Rheinhütte Pumpen is a specialist in the field of Phosphates fertilizer such as dirty sulphur, sulphuric acid, phosphoric acid and DAP/MAP/TSP/NPK for many decades. Optimal customer and engineering solutions are provided in a large selection of more than 30 metal and plastic materials combined with special shaft seals.

Jan De Nul Group

Jan De Nul Group pushes the boundaries of offshore, marine, civil construction and environmental projects worldwide.
Working together with our customers, safely and responsibly, we bring experience, methods, motivated teams, in-house designed equipment and solutions to IMAGINE what is possible, THINK through the solution and ACT to deliver.
With our “ Nul PhosphoGypsum ” we focus on a sustainable remediation & rehabilitation of industrial areas, landfills, ports, channels and waterways.


JESA is the world leader in phosphate engineering, one of the largest solution provider in Africa and an African leader in various sectors covering industry, infrastructure, urban development and consulting. With a strong presence in Africa, JESA is engaged in very complex projects and provides holistic service offering across asset life cycle, devoting special attention to cost optimization, quality excellence and uncompromising safety standards. Headquartered in Casablanca, Morocco, JESA has offices in Rabat, Abidjan, Dakar, Addis Ababa, Lakeland (USA), and Cotonou. The group is also active in Guinea, Ethiopia, Rwanda and the Middle East.

Kao Chemicals Europe

KAO Chemicals cooperates with Fertilizer & Mineral Flotation Industries since more than 45 years ago, supplying additives as Anticaking and Dust Controlling Agents for different fertilizers: MAP, DAP, TSP, NPK blends, AN, CAN, Urea, AS, etc. as well as External and Internal Agents for LDAN, Corrosion Inhibitors for liquid fertilizers and Flotation Collectors.



Kimre™ high-performance, interlaced mesh structure has provided revolutionary air pollution control and fluid separation products since 1973. Kimre™ technology is proven to economically meet the toughest applications at any gas flow rate, for horizontal or vertical flow. Proven applications in phosphate fertilizer plants include:
Kimre™ Technology includes:
• B-GON® Mist/Fume Eliminators
• KIMRE™ CANDLE Fiber-Bed Coalescing Filters
• KON-TANE® Scrubber Tower Packing
• SXF™ Semi-Cross-Flow Contactors
• AEROSEP® Multi-Stage Aerosol Separation
• KIMRE™ Technology; Scrubber/Mass Transfer Equipment
• DRIFTOR® Drift Eliminators
• LIQUI-NOMIX® Liquid/Liquid Separation

Munsch Chemical Pumps

MUNSCH is a leading specialist in non-metallic pumps from Germany. From small up to spectacular large sizes, the family owned company has served centrifugal pumps made of high quality plastics to challenging industries and processes across the world.

Nalco Water An Ecolab Company

A global leader in water and process management solutions, Nalco Water, an Ecolab company, works with customers across the mining and mineral processing industries to help meet their specific sustainability and business goals. Our solutions for flotation, scale control, tailings management and more combine connected chemistry, digital innovation, and extensive expertise to maximize outcomes and minimize water and climate impacts at an optimized total cost. Leveraging a global network of technical experts, research and development laboratories, and world-class training programs we deliver unparalleled service to our customers. As an Ecolab company, we’re aligned with our corporate ambition to make the world cleaner, healthier and safer by providing and protecting what’s vital.

Neelam Aqua & Speciality Chem

Neelam Aqua & Speciality Chem manufactures Additives for dust control & anticaking agent for the Fertilizer Industry. Some of the products are:
1. Anticaking Agent
2. Dust Suppressors
3. Granulation Agent
4. Compounds for Slow Release of Nitrogen
5. Colouring Agents
6. Froth Flotation Reagents


NEYRTEC MINERAL is an process engineering and equipment manufacturer specialized in wet processing such as hydraulic classification of industrial minerals, ores, mud thickening and clarification.
NEYRTEC MINERAL offers a full range of equipment such as : hydrocyclones, scrubbers, Paste Thickener Tassters, Clarifiers Clariflux, Sandyflux, Hydraulic classifiers Lavodune, Attrition cells, Conditioner and flotation cells.
NEYRTEC MINERAL designs and sets up turnkey projects for ore and industrial mineral processing.


OCP is the largest phosphate producer in the world and a leading global fertilizer player, backed by almost a century’s production history. OCP has exclusive access to the largest phosphate rock reserve base in the world (*). It is one of the most competitive phosphate producers in the industry and has become a leading player in production and trade volumes across the phosphate value chain. OCP employs approximately 21,000 people and contributes to regional development through its mining and fertilizer operations, and through its sustainability program.

PegasusTSI Inc

PegasusTSI, Inc. (PegasusTSI) is a privately owned company providing engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCm) services worldwide.

Over the last 40 years the PegasusTSI team has provided EPCm services for more than 75 large-scale fertilizer projects around the world as well as numerous small- medium sized project engagements. This experience has been acquired through our legacy companies as well as through project assignments ranging from some of the largest fertilizer companies in the world seeking best-in-class project delivery, to new start-up companies in remote regions seeking innovative phosphate solutions.

Polycorp Ltd

Polycorp designs and manufactures elastomeric linings for corrosion and abrasion protection of steel and concrete substrates for use in the chemicals, transportation, mining, storage, water treatment and related equipment industries. With over 120 material formulations produced from natural and synthetic rubbers we have the right material for your specific application available for your corrosion and abrasion needs. Polycorp products are used around the world to protect tanks, pipes and process equipment in various industries, including the phosphoric acid and fertilizer industries and with our BF Goodrich heritage we have over 100 years of experience in protecting your equipment.


With more than 130 years experience, Prayon, a worldwide leader in phosphate chemistry, offers the best solutions in phosphate production. Worldrenowned equipment allied to innovative and robust technologies bring real added value to all your projects. Headquartered in Belgium, the Prayon Group specialises in phosphate chemicals and operates production sites in Belgium, France and the United States. Prayon manufactures and distributes a wide range of purified phosphoric acids, phosphate salts and fluorine products geared towards the food and fertiliser sectors, and for many different industrial applications. Prayon Technologies (PRT) sells the know-how and techniques developed by our Group, and also supply consultancy and support services. Profile develops and sells equipment that enables processes to function at optimum efficiency.


Glatt. Your partner for particle design and plant manufacturing for functional granules from your product idea to industrial production.
Fluid bed technology is the key to environmentally friendly production of effectively acting, abrasion-resistant, easy-to-dose, storage-stable fertilizers. It enables unique functionalizations like coatings for controlled release or combinations with active ingredients for special applications.

Scantech International Pty Ltd

Scantech specialises in analyzer technologies for real time measurement of conveyed bulk materials, e.g. phosphate rock.
GEOSCAN-M is a well proven, non-contact, continuous, full stream, multi-element analyzer accurately measuring each 2 minutes of flow. Applications: plant feed, blending control, acid reactor feed, product analysis. TBM is a proven moisture analyzer.

Solex Thermal Science

Solex Thermal Science specializes in moving bed heat exchangers that use vertical plate technology to cool, heat and dry bulk solids. We have more than 30 years of experience in handling various types of fertilizers from coarse to powders. Our indirect cooling technology can efficiently cool all types of urea, nitrate- and phosphate-based products, with more than 190 successful fertilizer projects around the world. Visit our virtual booth at Nitrogen + Syngas for more information, including demonstrations, reference lists and technology comparisons.


Solvay Mining Solutions leverages more than 100 years of experience in mining chemistry, global supply chain and teams of professionals to develop unique reagent-based solutions that help customers optimize production and identify cost savings opportunities. The business serves a diverse range of global markets, including copper, alumina, phosphate and more.


Steuler Linings is a worldwide leading full‐service supplier of industrial linings and pipe systems. Research and development, engineering, manufacturing, project management and installation:
Steuler Linings offers solutions for steel and concrete structures in the phosphoric acid and fertilizer industry requiring reliable protection against corrosion as well as chemical, thermal and mechanical stresses.


Sulzer, with 180 years of experience in developing pumping, agitation and mixing solutions for production processes involving corrosive and abrasive media, adds value to the customers’ processes through best-in-class products and services. Our Sense wireless condition monitoring solution supports our commitment to digitalization.

Sulzer offers a complete range of process and slurry pumps, axial flow pumps, heavy-duty agitators and liquid ring vacuum pumps tailor-made for the phosphates industry, covering applications from phosphate rock to finished phosphates. Advanced design and materials, a wide range of shaft seals and sealing systems, and the overall operating efficiency ensure a reliable process and a maintenance-free operation.

TOMRA Sorting GmbH

Sensor-based Ore-Sorting technology for the Mineral Processing Industry. A more efficient way to process global resources...

TOMRA Sorting Mining provides proven sensor-based sorting technology for efficient material separation in various mineral and ore applications such as in the processing of gold, diamonds, gemstones, industrial minerals, and metal recovery from slag. World-wide, numerous sorting systems are already contributing to more energy-efficient and cost effective pre-concentrations as well as material recovery. TOMRA´s sensor-based solutions help to extend the life of mining operations and increase the value of the deposit.

Valmet Flow Control Oy

Valmet’s offering of solutions and services for mining minerals and metallurgical applications is today more complete than ever including filter fabrics, Flowrox™, Neles™ and Jamesbury™ products. Our valves and pumps perform and handle demanding media – from abrasive slurries to the corrosive chemicals, and our customized filter fabrics provide excellent filtration results.


Since establishing the Lewis® brand in 1891, we have been a leader in pump manufacturing. It’s why plant operators in over 120 countries have trusted Lewis® pumps and valves in their most high-wear and corrosive applications.
Our continuous research, development and innovation mean that we are constantly improving performance, extending wear life, simplifying maintenance practices and delivering the lowest total cost of ownership to our customers.
We pride ourselves on our ability to work closely with customers and build long-term relationships. Therefore, our team is always here to support you, no matter where you are in the world.