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This information centre is the ideal place to keep up-to-date with key industry news. We will be posting exclusive press releases, white papers and articles about the event and the wider copper industry. Make sure you bookmark this page and refer back regularly to ensure you do not miss out on invaluable content.

CRU Webinar: Impact of covid-19 in the copper market outlook and in the Chilean mining competitiveness
08 June 2020
Speakers: Juan Esteban Fuentes, Head of South America; Erik Heimlich, Principal Analyst; Jaime Sepulveda, Analyst: CRU

China to announce more than RMB 5tn of stimulus
21 May 2020
AUTHORS: Jumana Saleheen, Chief Economist; Yingrui Wang, Economist; CRU

V, U and L: Demystifying recession shapes
07 May 2020
AUTHOR: Jumana Saleheen, Chief Economist, CRU Group

CRU Webinar: Focusing on steel, aluminium, and fertilizers
How is the lock down affecting the Indian fertilizers and metals industry. Watch our latest webinar.
SPEAKERS: Anissa Chabib, Economist; Koyel Choudhury, Fertilizer Analyst; Puneet Paliwal, Senior Analyst; Shankhadeep Mukherjee, Senior Analyst: CRU
29 April 2020

China’s first ever negative quarterly GDP growth
AUTHOR: Yingrui Wang, Economist, CRU
20 April 2020

How will the mining industry invest over the next five years?

Aurélien Henry, Consultant, CRU Group - 23 March 2020

WEBINAR: How Covid-19 is affecting CRU's economic outlook for 2020

Jumana Saleheen, Chief Economist, CRU Group - 06 March 2020
Matthew Watkins, Principal Analyst, CRU Group
Wan Ling, Principal Consultant, Aluminium, CRU Group

How the coronavirus affects global commodity markets

Will Young, Multi Commodity Analyst, CRU Group - 31 January 2020
Zanna  Aleksahhina, Multi-Commodity Analyst, CRU Group
Erik Hedborg, Senior Analyst, CRU Group

Coronavirus: what is the likely impact on copper smelting?
Gruffudd Roberts, Analyst, CRU Group - 30 January 2020

Future of Mount Isa copper smelter open to question

Paul Wiggers de Vries, Senior Analyst, CRU Group - 17 January 2020

Copper Concentrates – Key Themes for 2020

Hamish Sampson, Senior Analyst, CRU Group - 15 January 2020

Argentina faces economic uncertainty following Peronist triumph at the ballot box

Victor Rodriguez, Principal Consultant, CRU Group - 01 November 2019

Brazilian Miners Look to Government to Support Investment Decisions

Paul Robinson, Director, CRU Group - 23 September 2019
Victor Rodriguez, Principal Consultant, CRU Group
Ricardo Horvath, Business Development Manager, Central and South America, CRU Group

Opportunities and challenges of renewable power for miners
Ben Jones, Managing Consultant, CRU Group - 21 August 2019

Buried treasure or damp squib? Undersea mining’s challenges and opportunities
George Heppel, Senior Analyst, CRU Group - 5 August 2019

Copper retains the commodity crown
Paul Robinson, Director, CRU Group - 5 March 2019

Copper conundrum: invest now to maximise future profit or await price recovery but risk missing out
Robert Edwards, Principal Analyst, CRU Group - 22 February 2019

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