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What will be discussed at this year’s SMU Summit?

The team are working on the final agenda and speaker acquisition but as with every SMU Summit we will debate the main issues affecting the industry.

We know community and connections are important for our industry, and how now, more than ever, we need to gather, share future scenarios, discuss ideas with peers, and to get back to business. The event experience will also enable to you to network with your peers to do business, as you would at the physical conference. 

Hear steel mill CEOs speak about new capacity, competitiveness, immediate priorities, and long-term focus on clean steel
Explore steel price volatility and price forecasts from steel mills, manufacturing companies, analysts and economists
Gain detailed forecasts from the automotive, construction, energy, and other major steel using segments

Views on international and domestic focused economic forecasts and what your company should be doing to remain competitive

Discuss steel input costs (such as scrap) and their impact on steel pricing

Receive updates on shifting trade flows and the impact foreign steel will (or will not) have on steel prices and supply

Learn how the Biden Administration policies will impact the steel and manufacturing communities

Join the conversation on special topics such as infrastructure and the decarbonization of the industry

Recognize young talent within the industry with our Youth Leadership Award