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If you are interested in supporting the forthcoming FTTH APAC Conference 2018, then please contact: Hayley Ward



InfoCom is an industry research and management consulting company
with almost 30 years experience in providing expert strategic planning
assistance to stakeholders in the telecommunications, IT and multimedia
industries across the globe.

Our group is one of the few whose activities encompass engineering,
strategic studies and IT development.

Our team is multinational. The diversity in inter-cultural skills improves
effectiveness and enriched the output of our analysis.

We like to be relevant and we aspire to be a strategic collaborator for your
business strategy.

InfoCom Europe +49 711 87 05 10
InfoCom Asia +63 2 633 9208


Telecompaper is a respected, well known and independently operating
press agency and market research firm, with a dedicated focus on the
international Technology, Media and Telecommunications sector (TMT).
Telecompaper has a global focus however, with a network of
correspondents branching out across Europe, the United States, China and
beyond. Telecompaper provides a mix of international news, commentaries,
background articles and research reports for its customers, tailored to
specific needs if required, with a general focus on the professional
reader and/or user. This blend of services has attracted the attention
of a wide range of international companies, organizations and government
agencies, to operators, content providers and retailers. These customers
visit our website to get the latest news and information, or receive our
newsletters and research reports. Telecompaper attracts 300,000+
visitors monhtly of which 200,000 unique, with half a million page
views. 25% of the visitors come from the Netherlands. 

For more information, please visit www.telecompaper.com

Subscribe to Telecompaper : http://www.telecompaper.com/international/headlines