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Meet the CRU Optical Fibre Team

Richard Mack
Richard Mack, Principal Consultant, Pittsburgh

Richard Mack joined KMI in 1988; he became a CRU analyst when CRU acquired KMI in 2006. He has been involved in fibre optics since 1981 and currently is the editor of CRU's Optical Fibre and Cable Monitor. He also is on the team of analysts that writes CRU's Telecom Cables Market Outlook.

Richard has completed hundreds of reports and consulting projects in areas including optics, telecommunications, and cable.  Prior to his work as an industry analyst and consultant, he worked on several high-tech trade magazines. 
He has a BA from the University of Delaware and an MS from Boston University.

Natalie Noor-Drugan Natalie Noor-Drugan, Publisher & Editor in Chief, London

Natalie Noor-Drugan is a value-added content driven journalist and editor with 15 years experience in daily, weekly and monthly business-to-business publishing for the petrochemicals, fertilizers, steel and wire & cable industries.
She has a proven track record in product launches, change management, online & print content creation and content improvement projects. She writes and commissions articles which analyse the wire & cable industry.

Yuya Pan Yuya Pan, Senior Consultant, London

Dr. Yuya Pan, is based in our London office, is a Senior Analyst with CRU’s Wire and Cable Team. She joined the team in August 2015 and is editor of the Optical Fibre and Cable Monitor.   She also contributes largely to CRU’s, Telecom Cables Market Outlook, and CRU’s metallic cable and telecoms portfolio. She speaks in a number of CRU conferences covering fibre and cable. Dr. Pan joined CRU in 2010 and initially worked in the company’s aluminium team, contributing to a number of reports covering the whole value chain of the aluminium market and leading CRU's research and analysis of the fast changing developments on the Chinese aluminium markets.

CRU Products

FTTH APAC CRU is a well known supplier of information on the international wire, cable and optical fibre and cable markets. In addition to its conferences and consulting work, CRU has two published services.

CRU Wire and Cable News provides news and industry developments through a service with daily, weekly, and monthly publications. In addition to news it offers cost information and articles offering opinions from CRU’s staff of analysts.

CRU also provides market assessments and forecasts that usually look five years ahead, these include:

 Optical Fibre and Cable Monitor
In-depth analysis of global demand, production, trade, stocks and prices, with detailed analysis of key markets in Europe, North America, China and the Far East.

Detailed and comprehensive coverage of the highly volatile optical fibre and fibre optic cable markets, reviewing the key global regions of Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America, plus emerging markets.

 Telecoms Cable Market Outlook
Delivers a global perspective on the industry quantifying the demand in more than 50 markets by application, and derives regional and worldwide totals by application and fibre type. Also included is an update of the main telecom and economic indicators, as well as profiles of the main fibre and cable manufacturing groups and external copper telecom cable production and demand.  

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    Plus CRU delivers a daily news service through Wire and Cable News:
  • Authoritative and independent news, analysis and insight into the global metallic wire and cable and fibre optics markets
  • Daily service supported by a detailed analysis report every month plus email alerts (at frequency the user chooses)

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