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CRU is passionate in whatever they do as such a great deal of thought goes in curating the topics and speakers for events that are organised by them.

Diwakar Gautam, CEO, Sunberg Limited

The conference provided excellent opportunities for industry networking and knowledge sharing

Craig Lewis, Sales & Marketing, Constellium

Presentations on Economic trends and forecasts were very good!

Sujoy Sen, Director - Purchasing, Carlisle Construction Materials

It's a great opportunity to network and understand the challenges and opportunities the industry is facing.

Guadalupe Maturino, Global Category manager, Rheem Manufacturing

Very Broad subject matter with Great presentations - something in it for everyone

Robert Hubbard, President & CEO, FRH Aluminum LLC

DuckerFrontier was honored to participate and share key highlights of how (aluminum) materials are an integral part of the EV future. The content and the speakers were excellent in sharing their knowledge and insights.

Abey Abraham, Managing Director, DuckerFrontier

This was a good conference.

C Brian Hesse, President/CEO, Rusal

Timely and informative conference on the Aluminum Market. Knowledgeable speakers and good mix of participants from various industry segments.

Richard J. Wolf, Regional Manager - North America, Elkem Materials Inc.

CRU has the most competent analysts team in the industry

Michel St-Pierre, CEO, MSPal

Great industry perspectives!!!

Ken Miura, General Manager, Manakin Industries

A good networking event. Global with local focus

Subodh Das, CEO, Phinix LLC

A great way to take the pulse of the industry's innovators and understand the aluminum market's current zeitgeist.

Sean King, Traffic Coordinator, Glencore

It was a very well organized event, providing a comprehensive range of aluminum industry perspectives and expertise.

Luke Palen, President, Spectro Alloys

The event was incredibly informative with intelligent and insightful professionals running and attending.

Nick Myers, Researcher, University of Connecticut

The conference was very informational. I enjoyed the speakers presentations. Grateful the presentations are online available to download and review on my own time.

Sue Lech, Purchasing MaPurchasing Managernager, Petersen Aluminum

Excellent universal content from several seasoned industry professionals!

James Checkeye, Sales Engineer, Bloom Engineering Co. Inc.

The CRU Aluminum update conference provides unique and timely industry insights allowing attendees to make informed desicions

Stephen Amery, Lead Knowledge Analyst, BCG